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for the construction industry

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ProtectorGlaze protects your valuable finishes

ProtectorGlaze provides unrivalled product support.

ProtectorGlaze negates the need to replace or repair.

ProtectorGlaze protects your bottom line.

About ProtectorGlaze

Protectorglaze is a clear temporary peelable protective coating for the protection of glass and glazing systems, including other non-porous surfaces that are subject to damage during the construction process.

The coating is water based, non-hazardous and cures to form a durable temporary protective layer and provides the ultimate protection to expensive glass surfaces.

When the project nears completion, simply peel Protectorglaze from the glass, leaving the surface in perfect, undamaged condition.

Protectorglaze Ltd provide both supply only of our unique product and a sub-contract supply, application and removal service to main contractor and large glazing and curtain wall contractors.

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ProtectorGlaze™ can be specified at design stage, to ensure early peace of mind for large, high value glazing installations.


ProtectorGlaze™ is used and recommended regularly by developers who employ many contractors throughout the course of a build and are keen to avoid costly damage which ultimately will assist in protecting margins and reputations.

Window & Curtain Walling Companies

Our largest customer group, as the benefits of using ProtectorGlaze™ are almost immediately received by installers of large glazing installations,that can so easily be subjected to damage from many other trades on site.

Private Clients

Self-build and architect led residential clients directly benefit from using ProtectorGlaze™, in protecting their high-value financial.

Main Construction Contractors

As the responsibility for damage can so easily be attributed to a main contractors activities having to employ so many sub contract trades, ProtectorGlaze™ offers quality, health & safety and financial peace of mind in a tough building environment.

Rendering & Plastering Contractors

ProtectorGlaze™ is used by many large rendering and plastering contractors, and offers the obvious and ultimate level of protection to trades that can quite easily be held responsible for damage to other trade works.


ProtectorGlaze™ protection to internal and external faces of punched-hole windows and door systems from damage caused by mortar, render, plaster and paint.

Curtain Wall

ProtectorGlaze™ internal and external protection of large curtain walling installations from all the above damage plus grinder flecks, weld-spatter and external ground floor landscaping activity damage.


Gives excellent protection to generally a high cost item. ProtectorGlaze™ will reduce scratch damage during installation and damage from work traffic, using stairs and balcony areas.

Glass Floors & Walkways

Glass floors, Stairs and Walkways are all high value installations. Our ProtectorGlaze™ peelable protective coating product protects against other construction trade traffic.

Refurbishment Projects

Apply to glass that is to remain ‘in situ’ to give excellent protection during the course of building alteration. ProtectorGlaze™ is perfect for protecting glass against falling plaster, jointing compound and paint during a refurbishment scheme.

Shower Screens/Glazed Enclosures

peelable protective coating is ideal for the protection of shower enclosures / screen toughened safety glass.


ProtectorGlaze is used regularly to protect newly installed kitchen surfaces and sanitary ware surfaces.

High Spec Residential Glazing

ProtectorGlaze™ is the perfect protection product for very high value, top specification, and highly engineered domestic glass installations.

Steel Doors

ProtectorGlaze™ is the perfect product for protecting steel doors on new build and refurbishment projects.